Monday 4 January

I suppose it was foreseeable, another national lockdown. Probably till March, by which time I may, or may not have been vaccinated. I think I am not fearful, as I was when I began this blog in March 2020, but mainly bored. There is only so much gardening, cleaning, sorting out, reorganising that you can do. Yes, I still have lots of books to read, piano pieces to play, languages to learn, but the drive to do these things is dissipating. I procrastinate, lose any sense of urgency, sleep more: lockdown inertia is setting in.

But I bucked the trend by doing my online Pilates class this morning and I now intend to do more online fitness classes. I can still go out walking though today the weather was so awful that I have only managed just over a mile walking round the block. Fresh air is always good though. I also managed a trip to Aldi and stocked up, which is fortunate as shopping trips will revert to being a rare occurrence I suppose.

I still have my Christmas cards and decorations up, usually I do leave them till Twelfth Night. I had the vain if vague hope that someone else might get to see them apart from the two of us, but photos will have to do. And I had a particularly nice tree this year.

I see that the Sixties popstar Gerry Marsden has died. These were the days when pop stars wore a suit and tie. I am not a huge fan of popular music but this song certainly takes me back to my teenage years: the clothes, the hairstyles, the dancing.

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