Wednesday 6 January

Twelfth Night and my Christmas tree is still up though I have taken down all the other decorations. But we woke up to snow this morning. Only a sprinkling which did not last long. It looked pretty and wintry, and we saw the fox scurrying about.

The National Trust gardens remain open and so we visited Polesden Lacey. It’s quite a long time since we were there and certainly it looks a little different in winter time. All the statues are wrapped in insulating material and there is little in bloom. Though we saw some aconites

and hellebores. We had hoped that there might be a few snowdrops but not quite yet.

It is all very carefully managed and socially distanced with a one way system, but people were very friendly and willing to chat: everyone is so delighted to be out in the open air in beautiful countryside.

I wrote a couple of letters today: I feel it is important to have proper post. Especially for people who live alone. I have always been an enthusiastic letter writer: I think I wrote weekly to my parents when I was at university. As an aside: I am aware that I use quite a few idiomatic phrases when I am talking, sometimes I am asked what they mean, or where they come from. I heard myself saying today, putting the tin lid on something, so I looked up the origin and I had in fact guessed correctly. It is a WW1 saying, from when the soldiers had tin helmets, and very often it was the last thing they did before going “over the top” to an almost certain death. Language is endlessly fascinating.

And finally………..I was very amused to hear from one of my blog fans that in her family I am known as Jenny from the Blog. This is apparently an allusion to the Jennifer Lopez song, “Jenny from the Block.” So I thought you might be as entertained as I was to see/hear the song.

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