Thursday 7 January

I decided to start my day by trying a HIIT class which is a much more energetic routine than my normal Pilates, and allegedly burns a few calories, which would not go amiss with the amount of Christmas cake, Stollen and mince pies I have recently consumed. I was very pleased that I was mainly able to keep up.

One of my aims during this lockdown, now predicted to last until April, is to make at least one proper phone call each day, to someone who lives alone, or someone who I have not heard from recently. Today I excelled my target by talking to four different people. It was really nice, and so much better than email. You cover so much more ground in a conversation.

Rod is now extremely happy because the ban on angling has been lifted. There must be a very vociferous angling lobby in Parliament who has explained that angling is the most solitary pastime you could wish for and definitely not the transmitter of infection. So hooray. I went to Oaks Park for my daily walk. It was very sunny and bright, and I inadvertently wandered on to the golf course next to it, which was deserted apart from a few walkers like myself. So I did a good circuit of 3 miles.

I saw this wonderful tree full of catkins, just such a joyful harbinger of spring. And a squirrel, who although I was very close, would not be distracted from dismantling its acorn.

I was walking alone, and so could not help overhearing snatches of other people’s conversations. Very interestingly I heard this more than once: “What I really don’t understand is…..” and “I am not really sure what they mean by………” Oh la la, confusion reigns.

I heard Boccherini’s Minuet today, and it is in danger of becoming the latest earworm, very haunting. Used in the film “Master and Commander” which you may also recognise.

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