Friday 8 January

‘Twas on a Friday morning oh………………….everything went wrong. Rod was told by his favourite angling club that their waters would not open: it was in the members’ best interest that they did not fish. Patronising or what? So bad words all round. Then for reasons not relevant to the anecdote, I went to Croydon police station to retrieve some items, with authorisation, ID at the ready, only to be told that the officer who could do the deed was not available till 2pm, I was there at 11am. The two phone numbers I had been given to check on opening times: no one picked up. So I returned at 2pm. My first challenge was the parking meter on the road nearby. I had run out of coins on the first visit, and the second time it would not accept my bank card. So down the road to another meter which luckily did work. I did accomplish the mission second time around, but when I queried the phone number problem and asked what the correct number should be, the PC said, oh it’s on Google. “No it’s not,” I replied. So he checked, and huffed, and said, in future just dial 101, but please not 999, and grinned. I guess it’s tough being on the 24 hr desk in a police station. While I was there a lady came in saying, speak Spanish? She held up her mobile phone to the window, and the discussion ensued on two mobiles, each translating backwards and forwards, it really was very entertaining. I picked up that she had been working in a bar and had not been paid, and had come to lodge a complaint. All part of life’s rich pattern.

In the course of this exciting period, I managed to clock up 2.5 miles walking, though not in the countryside as I might have wished. I commend to you on BBC4 iplayer, walks in the Yorkshire countryside. There have been 5 half hour programmes this week and I have really enjoyed them.

I think it is time for another harp piece. Maybe I have posted it before, but it is just lovely, played by my good friend, the very talented Mark Harmer. And it reminds me that although London is now in a major incident crisis, spring is not so very far away.

One thought on “Friday 8 January

  1. I’m so pleased you featured my version of Sí Bheag, Sí Mhor. It’s a beautiful piece. I made this one partly to test put a new camera for a project. I’d have smiled more except I was sitting on a very uncomfortable tree-stump! The bluebells inspired the bell-like accompaniment.


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