Sunday 10 January

Under normal circumstances, I would be going swimming on a Sunday morning, but instead I went for a walk in the park. I have this kind of cabin fever, whereby I need to be out in the open air every day. I see no evidence round here of being interrogated by the police as to what constitutes local: I really do not wish to be reduced to doing circuits of my garden. It was -2C this morning, so the park was not muddy but frozen. The trees were exquisitely pretty, with a frosting which made them look as if they were covered in icing sugar. I did a 3 mile round trip and as time went on, more people appeared. Kids, dogs, bicycles, joggers.

At home I warmed up with some hot soup, and decided that as nothing much was happening, I certainly could not doing anything useful in the frozen garden, I would have a rest and read the papers. About two hours later I woke up to see the sun was sinking. Untypical for me, but sometimes these things have to be done. But sunset is getting later, so it was light till after half past four. Very promising.

People are chatting on Zoom, and the phone, and email, and I think it is vitally important to maintain communication. We all feel we have nothing much to say or report, just like me with this blog, but even talking about what’s on TV or the radio creates a conversation. Which reminds me: we watched an interview with John le Carre last night, BBC2 8.30pm if you missed it, and it was very interesting. From 2008 so a bit dated, but my word, what a fluent speaker. A German graduate, who had lived in Hamburg, which endeared him to me immediately. I now intend to read some more of his novels. Recommendations welcome.

I have been alerted to the fact that the National Theatre is making productions available online. It’s a pay by view set up, but there are some amazing performances available and I intend to subscribe. Watching when it is convenient to you, has a lot to be said for it.

I was in correspondence today about the delights of Italy, the beautiful climate, scenery, delicious food and wine. Florence being one of my favourite places, although to be honest I have seen very little of Italy and would just love to see more. And by chance I heard this on Classic FM, so it seemed very appropriate as my mind had been running on all things Italian.

4 thoughts on “Sunday 10 January

  1. Well Jenny,
    The Constant Gardener is a good tale. Nothing to do with gardening of course it’s about corruption by a big pharmaceutical company lying about drug trials in Africa. Based on a true story it’s worth a read I think.


    1. I have watched the film several times, because it is set in Kenya and the theme tune is played by a friend of ours, Ayub Ogada. Kothbiro on the African lyre. But I haven’t read the book, and films and books are rarely the same, so I should remedy that.


  2. I hope you can launch this link to a 60 Minutes tribute to Le Carré which aired shortly after his death.

    There was also an excellent interview with him at his home in Cornwall on CBS Sunday Morning within the last year but I haven’t been able to find it on the web.

    I loved several of Le Carré’s early novels but found A Legacy of Spies less enthralling. I am tempted to try his 2020 book, Agent Running in the Field. May have been published as Agent Running in Place in the U.K. The action is in current times with lots of comments on Brexit, the populist movement in Britain and the involvement of Russia.


    1. Hi Janice, yes the link does work, many thanks, I’ll watch shortly. I think the CBS interview might be the one I watched which was made by the BBC in 2008. The Night Manager is just running on the BBC now: I watched it first time around, very good. But books are never the same as films, or vice versa.


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