Wednesday 13 January

How many cancelled engagements on the calendar so far? For me, two, and we are only in week two of January. Last week the Artemisia exhibition at the National Gallery, and today, a haircut. The first I cannot remedy, the second I can, so I took the scissors to my fringe this morning. Then bring on the hair clips. Or I wondered about a 1970’s style bandeau, which I saw on “The Serpent”, Jenna Coleman, but she is so glamorous she would look good in a bin bag.

I went to a farm shop to stock up on some organic treats and home made goodies. And then had a little walk round Oaks Park. It was very wet and drizzly, dismal and gloomy, what the Scots would call dreich. Somehow the word sounds like the condition. It was not however particularly cold, and I thought back to Sunday when I was wrapped up in so many layers and I recollected that as a child, my mother made me wear a liberty bodice. Hands up who remembers these?

Woman's Liberty Bodice: Front view

It had an endless number of tapes and buttons, and suspenders, which I was puzzled by as I was too young to wear stockings. But mum was determined that as a child born in sunny Portsmouth and moved to freezing Sheffield, I should not catch a chill.

A new discovery on Facebook Messenger: you can share videos. So if you have a favourite clip which you want to watch with a friend, you can just dial it up. And talk about it at the same time. I have just watched 6 minutes of African landscape, to the music of John Barry, which he wrote for the film “Out of Africa.” This is an amazing sequence too.

I have started watching Staged 2, David Tennant and Michael Sheen, it’s on iplayer. I thought the first series was hysterically funny, such a send up of Zoom conversations. So far it has not been quite as funny though I will continue watching as I think they are both very charismatic actors, and the concept is so much of this time, masks and all.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 13 January

  1. Hiya from the Bavarian lockdown.. FFP2 masks compulsory as from next Monday in public transport and the few shops open. Max. mobility radius of 15 km in force in many areas, including Ingolstadt, 9 pm curfew everywhere. By the way, we were surprised your trip to Chartwell was legal, particularly as Johnson was criticised for 7 miles.
    Re: John le C., they’re all very readable but you might like to try “A most wanted man”, much of which centres around Hamburg. His latest/last, Agent in the Field, is comparatively straight forward.
    Love etc


    1. Hi Alan, in some ways it would be easier if there were a maximum radius of where you could travel to. Here the definition of what constitutes local is very unclear. In a previous lockdown it was said that you could drive to go for a walk as long as your driving time did not exceed your walking time. So I can drive half an hour to Chartwell, walk for 2 hours, and drive half an hour home.
      I had identified “A Most Wanted Man” as a good one: I am trying to borrow a copy from someone. I have a couple of others to be going on with though at the moment I am finishing Ben Macintyre’s book “Agent Sonya”, a true story of a Soviet spy. Look it up. totally fascinating. J x


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