Thursday 14 January

Today is the Feast of the Ass, remembering the Flight into Egypt, and apparently celebrated mainly in France. I would not normally be aware of this festival, but tonight I joined an online choir practice, and we sang a medieval French refrain: more information and the words of the song here:

My calendar does now have some events on it, all online of course, but at least it’s better than staring at endless blank days. So I did a HIIT class this morning, which is rather more active than Pilates and burned (hopefully) a few more calories. The weather was dire, so I only managed a mile round the block, noting that most Christmas decorations have now gone. Not the weather for gardening either: the cat spends most of the time indoors and is otherwise curled up somewhere warm with her head buried in her paws.

I had a long conversation with my 17 year old foster grandson. He is on a professional football training programme and is therefore permitted to attend training sessions, but he also has academic work, which is all online. He told me how dreadfully fed up he is, and I do feel so terribly sorry for the youngsters. He cannot socialise with any friends, he cannot do the driving lessons which he had just booked up, he is at home with mum and dad and the kid brother. He said that in March the novelty was rather good, no getting up early to go into school, but he pointed out he has not had more than a 3 month run at anything. No football tour, (he was supposed to go to Sweden in May), no holiday. It is of course a bitter experience for everyone at present, but I do think that young people are particularly badly affected.

I have found a recording of the donkey song, very catchy.

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