Tuesday 19 January

It was not quite so cold today, about 10C, so I felt more inclined to spend time in the garden. Which I did rather than going for a walk. There is always some tidying or weeding to do, and although it takes me a while to psych myself up to the latter, there is a sense of achievement when it is done. I found some bulbs which should have been planted ages ago, but I stuck them in anyway and hope they may flower before May. The atmosphere is so damp that the side gate has swollen and the garage door is sticking. And there would appear to be no let up in rain in the next few days.

I attended a second choir practice tonight. I enjoy the challenge of learning a new tune, and I am pleased that I am able to sight read the alto part. But it is undeniably not the same as attending an actual choir practice. I am no longer a regular member of a choir so this is just a kind of diversion for me, but for my friends who usually go to choir practice weekly and prepare for a concert at least three times a year, the fact that all these activities have been axed is a bitter blow. I was reading today about various music festivals, the Edinburgh Harp Festival among them, which are resigned to being virtual this year: it just is not the same.

But I am doing some long distance English coaching. The 18 year old daughter of our Austrian friends is preparing for her Matura, (AL equivalent) and English is a compulsory part of this, so we are winging back and forth some practice essays. This I feel is an activity which can usefully be done online. I must try a video call to practise some speaking and listening. DuoLingo, eat your heart out.

I don’t know if you have ever seen a Flashmob video. I think they are amazing and the reaction of the onlookers is wonderful. So clever.

One thought on “Tuesday 19 January

  1. Wonderful! I loved the children conducting.

    But it also made me feel sad to see the happy relaxed crowds strolling together, as we’ve done so often in the past. We’re very lucky, and soldier on, but just occasionally we yearn for pre2020 life.


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