Wednesday 20 January

I am able to establish what day it is from the bubble pack of blood pressure tablets. Which I dutifully take on a daily basis. Oh dear, that it should come to this. I suppose it’s like being in a nunnery where you know the time of day because it is matins or compline or evensong. In fact I think the restrictions of lockdown are bearing an increasing resemblance to being in a closed order.

However, despite Storm Christoph, we ventured out to Emmett’s Gardens, a National Trust garden which is valiantly staying open. Social distancing is not a problem because on a wild, wet and windy day like today, there was almost no one there. At 10.30 we were the third car in the car park, and the other two belonged to the people on duty there. Shortly after, two more people arrived for a bracing walk round the damp environs.

Just to give you a view of the swampy conditions. Looking towards the church on Ide Hill. But as ever, it is a delight to be out in the open air, and as Wainright said, there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. I was dressed to face the elements.

I found this tree with 6 separate trunks very intriguing.

Like many other people, I have spent more time cooking during lockdown. I made a very nice Spanish chicken dish for dinner tonight, the smoked paprika makes it very tasty, and I also made a Bakewell tart and a mincemeat tart. Funny how my jeans seem to be getting a shade tighter nowadays.

I heard a snippet of the “Listen With Mother” theme tune, and remembered how I used to listen, I think at 1.45pm, and I guess my mother had a little snooze. The images on this YouTube recording are also rather evocative. Little bottles of school milk which in the winter time at Greenhill Primary (Sheffield) froze solid and stuck up out of the bottle with the silver cap on the top. I also took part in maypole dancing, and woe betide you if you did a wrong turn and got the colours in a muddle. Hey ho, innocent times.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 20 January

  1. I remember the frozen milk pushing up the bottle tops, I was class milk monitor after all!
    In the cubs and scouts we used to collect the little silver aluminium milk bottle tops from neighbours and send them to Guide Dogs charity.
    The milk delivery to our doors was very ahead of the times. Electric milk floats, empty glass bottles returned for refilling, eggs and orange juice to you door. No plastic either.
    Hey ho.


  2. I think you’re right with 1.45 pm for Listen with Mother – followed by Woman’s Hour at 2 pm? Thatcher did away with school milk, of course, and the supermarkets undercut milk to your door in bottles. But we do buy yoghurt and milk in bottles from supermarkets, with a deposit (here in Germany). Mind you, the price makes it a luxury, for environmentalists only.


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