Friday 22 January

I am getting increasingly irritated by colour supplements advertising lovely holidays, or emails from Trailfinders and Travelzoo and the like. I know I can just sign out of the online stuff, but somehow cruise brochures which come with every weekend newspaper, and exhortations to plan your safari now, just don’t cut the mustard. I have to say they go straight into the recycling bin. I looked idly at the Airbnb site, and found that their horizons are shrinking. It pointed out accommodation within one hour’s drive, two hours’ drive etc.

It was a wonderful bright sunny day, about 7C which felt actually quite warm. Rod went fishing, and I went for a circuit of Lloyd Park with my young friend Yannis. He is in Y5 and doing online schooling. I asked him how he was getting on. He said it was all right and he seems fairly disciplined about it: the command for submitting work is apparently “turn in” which I found faintly amusing. I asked him which he preferred, online learning or actual school, and predictably he said school. He misses his friends, the sport, the routine: the lockdown is doing terrible things to children, and their parents. Anyway, he brought his bike, and we went over to the cafe, where he managed to demolish a crepe with masses of Nutella on it so that was fun. On the way back we passed the allotments, and I explained what they were. Yannis’ idea of a garden is an expanse of grass where you can kick a football (our garden) so growing fruit and vegetables exclusively is a novelty. As we got to the gate, a couple were going in, and they kindly offered to show us their patch. I feel this is why it is so important to go out every day: small events which relieve the monotony. Yannis was highly delighted.

The flashmob posting from yesterday has excited some interest, not least because it so hard to imagine anything like that happening in the immediate future. I was sent the link to this one, which I did not know: child prodigies in Paris. It is just brilliant.

2 thoughts on “Friday 22 January

  1. I understand the irritation about getting lovely travel brochures but, for me, I find them sad.
    It’s a desperate attempt to rally enthusiasm, when there is hardly the slightest glimmer that these places will soon become available to us.
    I’m sad that all those who are ready and willing to make life fun for us all, from cruise ships to flight attendents to taverna owners…. are forced to send out pictures of impossible holidays, trying so hard and so in-vain, to keep afloat, in a tsunami of fear.


    1. Yes, the frustration is maddening, on all sides. I have recently driven past closed cafes, restaurants, pubs and their situation is desperate. They would like to open, and we would like to go there, but there is this invisible wall between us. Tragic.


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