Saturday 23 January

It was a very chilly and icy day, indeed snow is forecast tonight, not common in London it has to be said. We met the grandson in the park, and had a lovely time, though as I said whilst there, if I had a pound for every push on the swing I have done for my children, friends’ children and now grandchild, I would be a millionaire. Cordially agreed with by the lady next to me. Adam is talking more though he still refers to himself in the third person, “Adam do it.” It’s a notable sign in child development to say “I”. I seem to remember “me do it” or the amazing possessive, “me’s”. Sense of self creeping in, fascinating.

Sunset in the park.

I made an impromptu meal tonight, Bauernomelett, which is in essence a potato omelette. It took me back to my days in Kenya: I would walk back down the mountain from Eburru where I was teaching, sit outside and drink a Tusker beer and watch the sun go down, and then make a hasty dinner. I always had potatoes and eggs which I could get locally. Meat was hard to come by though I had a little in the shared freezer, and some tins of tuna. But I always found the Bauernomelett very satisfying and quick. Salad stuff and fruit were also easily come by. Oh for a ripe Kenyan mango!

I have decided that I find the music of Erik Satie very relaxing in these rather tense times. I heard this today, it is very dreamy and ethereal.

This is Gnossienne 1 played by Angela Brownridge. Here I have to declare an interest. She was at Loughborough High School, a few classes ahead of me and we were all in awe of her. My parents and hers were close friends, and in fact we were neighbours for a considerable time. I see she has only recently posted this on YouTube though she has been an exponent of Satie’s music for a long time. I wondered idly what gnossienne meant, and discovered it was a term created by Satie.

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