Sunday 24 January

I have written a diary, perhaps more correctly called a journal, from the age of 15, and have therefore always been interested in other diary writers. Anne Frank was an inspiration to me, and in all honesty, remains so. Tonight I saw on BBC4 a dramatised episode from her diary, dating from when they first went into hiding in the Annexe. Her emotions at being locked down, staring out of the attic window at the bell tower of the church, and longing to be in the open air, knowing that they were in mortal danger with no end in sight, made me gain a perspective on my own current lockdown. The restrictions which I may rail against, are as of nothing compared to what Anne endured as a young girl in hiding.

This morning brought a most spectacular sunrise. The fiery colours were quite blinding. It did of course presage the later snow.

Quite a fall for little old Coulsdon. It thawed a bit during the day but some still remains and it is extremely cold now. I went out for a walk this afternoon, and admired the snowmen in the local park. Some children were sledging and throwing snowballs but it was already getting a bit soggy.

Zoom calls and reading took up quite a time, plus I have got rather hooked into “Finding Alice” which is an utterly bonkers series on ITV. I can’t quite decide if it is a study in bereavement, a sly dig at “smart” homes, a Scandi noir sort of thriller, or quite what. Keely Hawes as the lead is very good, the teenage daughter mourning her dead father very moving, and Joanna Lumley as the sexy grandma totally ace. A few more episodes to go but I am quite drawn in to see what happens next.

Remembering Anne Frank:

Anne Frank - Wikipedia

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