Friday 29 January

It is nearing the end of January, and where does that leave us? Unable to make foreign holiday plans as all borders are to be closed. So let’s stay in the UK.. That’s all right, there are many places I have still not visited. But is there any point? I get fed up with cancellations so I am inclined not to make any bookings at all for fear of disappointment. On the other hand, if the lid is suddenly raised, I don’t want to be left with nowhere to go because it’s all been fully booked. Hey ho, roll out the camping equipment.

Adam provided the morning’s entertainment. It was pouring with rain so we amused ourselves indoors. Breakfast first. Adam is a bit of a picky eater, so I invoked Big Teddy as the companion. I think my latent interest in theatricals comes into play, and Big Ted has now a personality of his own: he eats all his porridge (as does Adam) and all his kiwi fruit (ditto). Oh the low cunning of it, but so funny.

I deserted Classic FM and switched to Radio 3 as I get fed up with adverts. I heard a version of the completion of Mahler’s 10th symphony and I started thinking about works in the style of. Are you justified in completing a work from scrappy notes, and not exactly passing it off as the original but claiming some sort of reflected glory? The programmes about fake art works are fascinating. I think the counterfeits are often really good and deserve credit in their own right. Who decides that a Van Gogh is worth millions and a very talented fake only a few hundred? Ooooh, tricky ground here. I thought the completion of Jane Austen’s novel “Sanditon”, which was televised, was absolute rubbish. Naked men from bathing machines on the beach………… come on, that is NOT Jane Austen.

What I really loved was Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu in C sharp minor, and in looking it up came across this very unusual video. The playing is magical, perhaps the visuals are a shade distracting but in fact I really liked it. Different.

4 thoughts on “Friday 29 January

    1. I think this is very interesting in the ongoing discussion about counterfeit productions: tribute bands, who in some cases are as good if not better than the originals. These guys are not pretending to be The Jacksons, but they are giving a rendition of music which they enjoy and are stunningly talented at recreating. Good luck to them!


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