Saturday 30 January

We have now had no post for nearly 2 weeks. Not that we receive a great deal under normal circumstances but it does sort of create a rhythm to the day to see the postman come. So no birthday cards for the man of the house. But to look on the bright side, no statement as to how low the interest rate is on any ISA’s.

I have spent a considerable time cooking today. I have made a meal to take to a friend whose birthday it is tomorrow, and a chocolate cake. I also made a lemon drizzle cake for Rod and banana bread for Adam. And a Black Forest cherry trifle for general consumption tomorrow. Party’s round here! I wish. But we did have a family Zoom high tea party this afternoon, for Rod and my sister who have birthdays on consecutive days. As we are scattered all over the country, the only possibility was a virtual get together. But it worked very well. We had all made our own versions of a high tea, with posh sandwiches, prosecco, birthday cakes, candles, and played a version of Scattergories, devised by Emma and Emily which was very entertaining. At least their significant days did not pass without comment.

I have been making a conscious effort to fling open the windows and ventilate the rooms more. I don’t know why really, as only Rod and I are here, but it’s something which probably should be done more often just to refresh. As I did so, I thought of the German verb lüften, Luft being air, as everyone will recognise from the glory days when we were still able to patronise airlines such as Lufthansa. Then one thought led to another, back to studying Goethe, Götz von Berlichingen, whose dying words are “Himmlische Luft, Freiheit, Freiheit” , heavenly air, freedom, freedom. And this somehow seems to resonate with everyone’s current desire.

Thank you so much to the people who have commented or emailed recently after reading the blog. Always wonderful to receive feedback. More thoughts on counterfeits, or fakes, or copies, or whatever you would care to call them. What about tribute bands? Many of them are so good, just as good if not better than the originals. There is an Australian group, The Hindley Street Country Club, who are making a huge name for themselves. They can sing, dance, play, and emulate the really big names. What a talent.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 30 January

  1. Post is all good and regular here in deepest E Surrey.
    Happy Birthday to the man of the house.
    Glad to see General Consumption turned up. Was he a late arrival?


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