Sunday 31 January

I weighed myself when I got up and have come to the sad conclusion that lockdown compensatory eating and drinking is taking its toll. So this week has got to be the beginning of salad for lunch, no alcohol, no cakes or chocolates, just a little bit of moderation. I have not gained a massive amount but enough to make the trousers feel tight. So if this is meant to be a blog about the experience of lockdown, brutal frankness is called for. Although I do my various fitness classes, and go walking, there is no swimming, and there is no hiding from the intake of calories.

I recently bought a bunch of daffodils in bud, and derive so much pleasure from watching them open up. The bulbs in the garden are sticking their heads up but it will be a while before they are in bloom. Neighbours have some snowdrops but any that I had, have been eaten by mice or squirrels.

I visited my friend who has been struggling somewhat in lockdown, and as it was her birthday, I took a meal I had made, and some flowers and fizz and that seemed to cheer her up considerably! I am very much aware that this third lockdown is having a very bad effect on many people. The excitement over the vaccine fades pretty rapidly when you realise that it does not currently change anything. We are only at the end of January, four weeks in, and the date keeps being pushed back from end of February, to end of March, to who knows when? I am very conscious that I have a huge amount to be grateful for, but as I turn the calendar over to February and find nothing on it, I do feel a bit………….disappointed, sad, frustrated?

I heard this haunting tune today and have finally put a name to it. This video is also rather pretty to look at. Pure escapism. Perhaps we all need it.

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