Monday 1 February

Looking after Adam again today as the nursery was still closed. First excitement of the day was the delivery of the Oddbox, a random selection of fruit and vegetables, but oh what a wonderful teaching aid! Not only naming everything, sorting it out into rows of the same thing (carrots, taytoes etc) but colours, counting, big, small, heavy. And he is so excited about it, it’s like Christmas all over again. Really cute.

We have at last received some post, so Rod has some belated birthday cards, and also a letter dated 22 January inviting him to book his vaccination. I had emailed the surgery to say we were receiving no post as I suspected this might be happening and they replied that we would be contacted by phone. But we have not been, so hey ho, better late than never.

I have turned over two photo calendars I have been given, of personal shots, taken on holiday or on family occasions. One picture is of the cloister at San Giovanni in Laterano, Rome. It has the most entrancing twisted pillars in honey-coloured stone. The other has photos of celebrations at last year’s February half term, and of my niece as a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding. Oh my word, does that sort of thing seem a lifetime away!

I have recently discovered that Shostakovich is really a rather fun composer. This is an arrangement of his Jazz Suite 1 for saxophones. The students all seem to be having such a great time, it is really cheery!

One thought on “Monday 1 February

  1. Yes, good stuff ShostAkovitch (capital ‘a’ marks stressed syllable, by the way!). He was at one time under threat from the authorities in the Soviet Union and in real danger of being shot for un-soviet compositions, so had to knuckle down a bit and write more establishment-approved works, but he always apparently managed to work in a lot of musical references to things which would not have been tolerated, had the authorities had any real idea about music. So he had his cake and ate it, as it were, but trod a delicate high-wire. I like him!


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