Thursday 4 February

A wet and dreary day, no crisp snow round these parts. I did my exercise class and felt more energised. Sufficient to go down the garden and shout at the two deer who had miraculously reappeared despite my network of fishing line. The cat was sitting on the picnic table, keeping an eye open for the squirrel nearby. She knows she should be chasing it: there is an awful lot of bottom waggling and getting ready to pounce, but by the time she does so, the squirrel is halfway up a tree. It’s very funny to watch. The cat saunters off with a “well I was only pretending anyway” sort of attitude.

I decided it might be time to try and reinstate a walking holiday which had been planned for last year in June, in Cornwall. I had idly looked a couple of days ago at the property we had had in mind. Yes, still on Airbnb. So I contacted my fellow walkers to see if we could find a date, and as I looked at the site, the dates disappeared before my very eyes! We have managed to reserve 6 days, but it was a close run thing, so if you are thinking of a holiday in the UK this summer, especially anything self-contained and self-catering, book it up quick.

But the big news really is that Rod and I have had our first AstraZeneca vaccination. In the local church hall within walking distance. Very efficiently organised, in and out in 15 minutes. Second appointment 23 April. I will let you know tomorrow if there are any side effects. I understand that quite a few people are affected, but so far so good.

Today I happened to hear the Marseillaise and thought what a wonderful tune it is. Then I started thinking about national anthems in general, and really, ours is a bit of a dirge. The best one I have heard recently is for New Zealand. I had an amazing holiday there not so long ago, and it is truly one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. I would return if ever the opportunity presented itself. The anthem is a cracker: quite long, but the visuals are also a treat. Do watch just a little bit if you don’t want the full 6 minutes.

One thought on “Thursday 4 February

  1. I learned the second verse of our National Anthem by heart when I was in the cubs. I can still remember the words today. How is that even possible? I thought today was Friday and declared it the weekend. Oh dear.
    I’ll get my coat……….


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