Saturday 6 February

A day for a trip out to Standen, probably our nearest National Trust property. If they are making the effort to stay open, I feel it is up to us to make the effort to patronise them. It had the additional advantage that we were able to meet Emma and Mark there, at a social distance, in the open air. Although I have to say when we got there, I had almost forgotten it was lockdown: there were families, dogs, grandparents with little ‘uns in tow, the coffee shop was doing a roaring business in takeaways: I hate the phrase “the new normal” but I have to say it felt almost “normal.”

Snowdrops and crocuses, hellebores, camellias: it was very pretty. And although snow is forecast for tomorow, it was not so cold today.

When I got home, I felt inspired enough to spend a bit of time in the garden although it is in general a quagmire. I had to do a bit more fishing line cats’ cradle in the attempt to deter the deer. Also I had to remove from our front border a bag of dog poo which someone had graciously thrown into our garden. Honestly, who can pick up the poo in a bag, very tidily, but then not dispose of it correctly? Words fail me.

I do hope you have been keeping up with the sea shanty craze, in particular the Wellerman. In case you are wondering, as I was, who the Wellerman is, this is the answer:

A supply ship sent by the the Weller Bros., a Sydney Australia shore-whaling company during the mid 1800’s.

In the song, the Wellerman refers to the ship that would bring essential provisions as well as creature comforts during a seemingly never ending whale hunt.

My nephew Tim, who is a great musician, and also a whizz on all the IT gizmos, has created his own version, now available on YouTube. Please have a laugh and give him a like! It is now a permanent earworm of course. My apologies if it is for you too.

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