Sunday 7 February

We woke to snow showers and it has been pretty steady all day. The temperature was 0C but my phone said, feels like -5C and I would go along with that.

I went for a short walk this afternoon. This was the view of the golf course. Very few people around, but I feel out of sorts if I don’t go out of doors at least once a day. I did my exercise class this morning but it is not the same as being in the open air.

Otherwise it has been a day of fairly grinding domesticity. But I will relate some culinary delights, which seems to be the favourite pastime of many people during lockdown. Rod smoked a trout which he had caught, and we now have a stash of smoked trout pate. And it is very delicious. I defrosted the leg of lamb which I had bought for our in the end non existent Christmas lunch, but I thought we should eat it up and treat ourselves, so roasted it with garlic and rosemary, roast potatoes, the full works.

I am watching “Finding Alice” and I can’t decide if it is utterly bonkers or just slightly bonkers, but I think Keely Hawes is a good actress so I will stick with it. Another episode of The Serpent shortly: I am watching this live rather than gobbling through it on iplayer. Terrifying because it’s a real story. I read up about the people portrayed in it. The French Canadian girlfriend also received a prison sentence but was freed to go home to die, aged 38 of ovarian cancer. He is still in prison in Nepal.

This piece of music reminds me of my visit to Norway the year before last. Such a beautiful country, and would so love to return, even in winter!

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