Monday 8 February

Brrrrr……..very cold today. -1C feels like -7C, and for sure it did. My warm up activity was a Pilates class, but I had to fight my way to a warm spot, as the cat decided that there was only one place to be. She has a talent for keeping necessary visits to the garden to an absolute minimum.

I ventured down to Coulsdon, to go to the post office, but I fear I could never be a Polar explorer. I had thick clothes on, hat, gloves, boots, the full works, but my face felt so cold in the east wind. Pictures of the Arctic explorers with icicles hanging from their beards fill me with admiration.

So it was back to indoor activities. I reminded myself how to do a presentation on Zoom, wrote a letter, and got out my cross stitch work, which is almost finished, but as the little picture framer who will frame it for me, is closed, and I am not sure if he will ever re-open, the incentive to crack on and complete is slightly dissipated. I also started watching The Dig on Netflix, and as I am a declared fan of archaeology, and they found a lyre at the Sutton Hoo dig, it is pretty compulsory viewing. It seems a shade slow to develop but the Suffolk countryside is beautiful, and they have now found the boat. Daytime film watching seems fearfully decadent but I think has become a pretty widespread activity during lockdown.

Classic FM has had an evening of Spanish music, and I began to feel a shade melancholy about all the wonderful places in Spain which I may never get to see. But this is a place I have visited, and it was just fantastic. I doubt that it is even open at the moment, but if it were, you might get around with fewer visitors under your feet!

One thought on “Monday 8 February

  1. We watched The Dig the other evening and I agree it’s a very pleasant film. It’s based on a book that was based on a real event so has slipped a bit from the truth I think. Very good though I didn’t see a lyre.


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