Tuesday 9 February

More snow during the night, but the wind was not so sharp. Even if we did not have Covid lockdown, I guess we would have snow lockdown: flakes on the line and all that jazz. I ventured out to the paper shop and felt like an intrepid explorer. I saw the fox in the garden. It is slightly lame and I feel a bit sorry for it but Rod says it is a wild animal and must fend for itself..

My main task today was to produce a 2 minute video for inclusion on the Arts Society Directory Day. Normally there would be a massive bunfight in the Westminster Hall but now of course everything is virtual. So in 2 minutes I had to introduce myself and my talk on the Gold Lyre of Ur. And record it, convert to an MP4 and submit. Easy. Except it isn’t. For a start I had to reduce anything I wanted to say to the essentials. I practised it and timed it. Then I had to put on a smart dress, make-up, earrings, balance the laptop on 2 dictionaries, set the lighting, turn off the phones, remove the pictures so as to have a neutral background…….I had a few practice runs. One error: pressed the timer to ping at one minute. Delete that one. Then stumbled over my own website address. Delete. I know now why film makers have so much stuff on the cutting room floor. Anyway, it is done, submitted, accepted: here’s hoping I may get some bookings.

I have also been doing proofreading for the angling anthology which Rod and a friend are co-ordinating. All very diverse and interesting anecdotes, a great variety of styles. But even from professional writers, many errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar. I can only assume they rattled the stories off in a great deal of haste. A little way to go yet before it is ready for publishing but nearly there.

I have finished watching The Dig. I thought it got better as it went along. Something else I really liked on Netflix was The Queen’s Gambit: do watch if you can. The music is great too: this is the opening sequence which I feel conveys the tension of the whole drama.

One thought on “Tuesday 9 February

  1. I listened to the introduction and tried to hear what the composer was thinking of..Was it ‘chess’? If so how was he making music out of a complex board game?

    I liked the following-on piece more. It had a kind of etherial supernatural theme to it..of order within chaos. And the hardly-understood nature of people competing within infinite complexities of possibilities.
    Music certainly can describe such things, better by far, than words can ever do!

    It reminded me of Kate Bush’s song about Pi , the number that crops up everywhere,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZSHr5E7fZY


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