Thursday 18 February

I have now watched to the end of Finding Alice, and feel I am none the wiser. I thought there was going to be a big reveal at the end, but there wasn’t, apart from the fact that they seem to have left the way clear to produce a second series. I got increasingly irritated by the fact that it seemed to strive to tick every pc box by being all inclusive. There was every ethnic group, the obese sister, the lesbian couple with two children, the disabled participant of the bereavement group, the heroine was the unmarried partner of the guy who died………….I will give series 2 a miss.

I set off on my daily walk in cascading rain in Beckenham Place Park, but luckily it brightened up enormously and was sunny and warm this afternoon. The local council has worked hard to restore the park, this is an ancient pond called Stumps Hill Pond, now clean and tidy and home to frogs, newts and other creatures.

No swimming! Though the lake in the park is open in the summer for wild swimming: I was there last year.

I met my goddaughter and family and we had great fun walking round the park, discovering a snack kiosk next to the mansion, and playing in the adventure playground where Kieran made a sandcastle. So cute, he tried to create a “snowman” in sand!

It is now only 5 weeks until the clocks change, and it is already light until nearly 6pm. This cheers me up no end. I don’t feel that I particularly suffer from the so-called SAD syndrome, but more daylight definitely seems to be a plus. We were talking today about the difference between the first lockdown and this one, and said it was in fact very weather dependent. In the spring we were outside in the parks and gardens, but this time, for us Tier 4 guys, we have been skulking indoors in the main, since December. Not good. So come on Boris, give us a break on Monday!

Oh what I wouldn’t give to attend a live music concert! This time last year Rod and I went to a performance in the newly reopened Fairfield Hall, and we vowed to make more effort to patronise it. Within a month it was closed and has remained so. I heard this on the radio today: I enjoyed watching this performance, if you read the comments you will see everyone has the hots for the lead violinist…….

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