Friday 19 February

Back to lockdown drizzly weather, although the weekend promises to be better, quite warm even. I think it is undeniably true that this lockdown has been harder to bear because of it coinciding with winter. Time for household chores. Rod and I managed to replace a Venetian blind in my study. The biggest challenge is to stop the whole thing unravelling before you have got it in situ. We had to pull furniture out of the way, fetch the step ladder from the garage………amazing what an accumulation of dust there is in the places you never thought would get dusty. It sounds as though I am a total slut when it comes to housework, which I am not: on the other hand I can usually find a book to read or music to listen to, or a few emails to write, rather than run round with the hoover.

We have been running round with Adam, our childcare bubble. He is so funny now, singing so many nursery rhymes. He trots along the path in his red wellies, singing “One two three four five, once I caught a fish alive….” This is especially for grandpa the fisherman’s benefit. He is being trained up for greater things when he gets older: his first rod, his first trip to the river…….

Last night I watched “Edie” on BBC4. A quirky film starring Sheila Hancock as an 83 year old widow who decides to climb an obscure mountain in Scotland, having lived a very wretched life for the last 30 years. Her final break out, as it were. I thought it was a very moving story, and even if she was helicoptered to the high points, it still looked a pretty taxing role for her, as she really is 84. The scenery was stunning. Wow, I’d love to be able to go on holiday in Scotland! All these travel programmes, Kate Humble on the SW coastal path tonight……tempting!

This is an unusual piece for the harp, played by David Watkins. I had the good fortune to meet David a few years ago, and in fact drove him to Burnham Market where he was taking part in a concert which I had helped to organise. He is a highly entertaining and charismatic figure.

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