Saturday 20 February

Very much a house and garden day, and as the weather was remarkably mild, we spent most of the morning playing in the garden with Adam. He collected empty snail shells, had a ride in the wheelbarrow, kicked a football around, and opened a very belated Christmas present which contained toy dinosaurs, which seem to be the object of the moment. How on earth did these creatures come to exert such a fascination? It can’t all be Jurassic Park.

This afternoon we went to the Marlpit Lane recreation ground, which is where Emma and Richard went to as children. There is something very charming about taking grandchildren to places where we took our own children. Happy memories. I guess the reason why my parents always liked taking us to the Isle of Wight, a popular excursion from where they both grew up in Portsmouth. Reliving the past.

We watched Michael Palin in Tibet this evening. Filmed in 2004. I am not sure he would be permitted access to some of these places nowadays. He cannot resist some Monty Python moments, such as when he was stirring the fermenting cheese, and it pops up randomly in volcanic fashion, and he shouts at the eruptions and smacks them down with the ladle. The locals laughed though I think they must just have thought he was crazy.

On 20 February 1472, Orkney and Shetland were given by Norway to Scotland. I really feel you should know this.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 20 February

  1. Dinosaurs do seem the capture the fantasy of little boys, regardless of their generation. A good friend whose son was 4 or 5 when my older daughter was a similar age knew the name of every dinosaur, what they ate, if they could fly, etc. And then when Kristina became a mom in her 30’s, at the age of about 3, her son’s favorite book was all about dinosaurs. It was LONG and (to me) excruciatingly BORING, but he loved it.


    1. Yes, it seems utterly crazy, in that they can have no concept of the history of these creatures. I think the toy ones are so brightly coloured and unusual, and they have such crazy adventures in the story books, that that is the big attraction.


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