Sunday 21 February

An amazingly mild day, and we were rampaging round the garden, as were the deer. “Reindeer,” said Adam in great excitement. Riding around in the wheelbarrow is wonderful entertainment. As is finding empty snail shells and stalking the cat.

We met Yannis in Lloyd Park and they were so pleased to play together. I am very relieved that the whole experience of lockdown will not be remembered by Adam. For older children it has been and will remain, very harsh.

The cat needed serious lie down after being harassed by a two year old all day.

There are so many wonderful entertainments to see online now. The British Museum lectures, National Theatre, the Almeida Theatre, the Jorvik Museum…..But I have limits as to how much time I can spend in front of a screen. And I am not even online teaching or in the office. I have never really been a great TV watcher, although recently I have watched more than ever before, as I have not been able to go to live performances. The arts and hospitality sectors have soon got be to given some slack: roll on the day!

I have now been writing this blog for 11 months. I thought it would be for a few weeks and started as an idle distraction. It has now taken on a life of its own. Thank you so much for your support and comments, emails about your own experiences, it has been a lifeline in so many ways. I thought I would end with something jolly, isomething which always makes me smile: Scott Joplin. And I echo one of the comments, “He makes it sound so easy, the bastard!”

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