Tuesday 23 February

It is a big mistake to watch the 10 o’clock news. I knew roughly what was in Boris’ roadmap as I had read it on the internet, but even seeing the headlines (I rarely watch more than that nowadays) aggravated me so much that I could not sleep. I was awake till at least 1am, untypical, thinking about dates, regulations, cancellations, diddle diddle……….I felt that the roadmap closed more doors than it opened, and although it was talked up as being positive, I actually felt more negative than I have felt in a long time. It’s just lockdown till 21 June, and even that could be changed. I am not normally pessimistic but I felt very battened down this morning. And this evening a long weekend booked for Shropshire at the beginning of May has been cancelled. Right at this moment I feel I cannot book anything ever again. Well, this is a lockdown blog, and you have to take the rough with the smooth.

I forced myself to go out for a walk just after lunch, as the fresh air is always good. I walked up the hill to where there are 12 horses in a field, it was very sunny and they seemed happy with their hay. More bulbs are coming into flower in the garden which is also cheery. I put in a random selection of snowdrops, tete a tete, and primulas. Perhaps difficult to see here, but quite pretty.

This afternoon was rather more jolly in that I did another Zoom presentation for the Arts Society, about the Gold Lyre of Ur. They were all very fascinated with the story, and interestingly the film The Dig, has stimulated a considerable interest in archaeology, so perhaps I may be on a bit of a roll.

This is the amazing Stef Conner performing at the Union Chapel, London. You may even see me at the right hand side of the stage at the beginning. There were the four of us there in performance. Wonderful experience.

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