Wednesday 24 February

I was a bit more active today and I think that helped my general frame of mind. It was very sunny, about 13C, and I went for a walk and also spent time in the garden. There is something very energising about the spring time. The bulbs are popping up, the days are longer and brighter and there is an absolute cacophony of birdsong.

Nephew Tim is doing sterling work at home having a major sort out and turn out. He has come across family photos and today I received some where I am the main character. I like these two which seem to reveal an early passion for amateur dramatics. In this one, I am the flower fairy, in the front row holding a wand.

This was at Greenhill Primary and was some kind of coronation celebration.

This is me in our garden in Sheffield, with my mother looking on. There were two apple trees, visible here, and I used those as the wings of my theatrical performances. I remember organising the neighbours’ children to create a May Queen procession, with clothes borrowed from parents, improvised instruments, the adults coerced into being the audience, my mother no doubt providing tea and cake for everyone. Happy days.

I have been sent this link about new words which have crept into German during lockdown. Even if you don’t know German, I think you will find it entertaining. It is true, we have all acquired a whole new vocabulary.

I heard this today: a very famous and popular piece. Rod is working his way through his CDs as he is fed up with the talking and adverts on the radio stations. As he has a massive collection, this will keep us going for a while.

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