Thursday 25 February

As the days all merge together, I have to check the date at the bottom of my laptop as I begin to write. I read today that many people have given up making social phone calls because they feel they have nothing to say. They don’t want to talk about Covid or vaccines, they don’t go anywhere or see anyone, they cannot really plan any holiday or expedition, so that leaves TV programmes or online events to discuss. Having said that, I had two very long phone calls today and it was a delight to catch up with the callers.

I managed an exercise class this morning, and I did a little desultory work in the garden. I have decided that I will be hard-hearted and that anything which looks weak and flagging will have to go. The small fig tree has never done anything, so that’s for the chop. A jasmine I planted in the autumn looks feeble and has probably been nibbled by deer so will have to go. I went for a walk at the end of the afternoon as the sun was setting and it was extremely pretty. Lighter so much longer now: I wish we were changing the clocks this weekend instead of in a month’s time.

The birds were singing their heads off, but interestingly it was otherwise very silent. No secondary school pupils dawdling home, no office workers dashing home from the station, very few cars on the move in the side streets. For 5.30pm it was quite unusual.

I have been looking at more of the old photos. This one made me laugh.

My mother and myself on the beach at Bembridge IOW. Please note the very un-pc toy in the centre. This was in fact my favourite toy and I remember it well. It was knitted by a friend of my mother’s because immediately post war, toys were hard to come by. It was called Cully Cully (my name for it). I loved it dearly but it fell off the pushchair and was lost and I cried bitterly. Clearly so traumatic that I can remember all these details to this day.

I felt like having another Flashmob to cheer us all up. This one was filmed in Vienna and made me laugh a lot. The audience reaction is ace.

3 thoughts on “Thursday 25 February

  1. I have a photo if me about aged 4, wearing a beret with an enamelled Robinsons Golly proudly pinned upon it. You had to eat a lot of strawberry jam I seem to remember to get the metal badge. Such innocence.


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