Friday 26 February

This morning I found several comments in response to yesterday’s Flashmob, amongst them a link from my very devoted follower Janice, in the USA. I played it immediately and I have to say that paradoxically, as it is the Ode to Joy, I found myself in tears. I think it was the fact that it was filmed in Nuremberg which I have visited several times, and I just felt, when will I ever get to go there again? I think that as this is a record of life under lockdown, I should admit that although I am a fairly resilient person, I am clearly more fragile than I imagined. I find music quite often reduces me to tears nowadays.

It has been brilliantly sunny weather, and the sunshine is always a great boost. We called on some neighbours and sat at a distance in the garden and chatted, and it was just lovely. The spring flowers are in bloom, so pretty. I was reminded of this piece of doggerel:

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz
I wonder where the boidies is
They say the boid is on the wing
But that’s absoid, the wing is on the boid!

I have been proof reading a great deal recently and can never cease to be amazed at errors on public information. I am on an email alert from The Times, as a subscriber, and today I received this:
Introducing children to the power of diverse thinking and resiliance.

Seriously, how can they let this stuff past their gaze? I get red squiggly lines under misspellings on little old Microsoft Word!!

And finally………… I am wearing a culturally inappropriate badge, courtesy of Robertson’s marmalade:

19 Robinson Jam Collection ideas in 2021 | childhood memories, my childhood  memories, childhood

6 thoughts on “Friday 26 February

  1. My goodness, I never expected such a reaction! I am so sure the day is coming when we all are able to travel! I am determined to visit my dear friend Jill again and, when I do, you and I must exchange a hug. We are enduring this lockdown together! We have been far less active than you have been, but I had a wonderful day out with a close friend yesterday, shopping and a wonderful lunch at a cafe in our nearest city, Greenville, SC. It was a real mood lifter. And, on Sunday, our daughter and grandson arrive for a week’s visit so we are in excellent spirits.


    1. Dear Janice, Well you are fortunate to have lunch in a cafe and go shopping! All shops except food outlets and garden centres are closed here till 12 April, and cafes and restaurants closed for even longer. There is no social life except for walks in the park or countryside. I am sure you will have a wonderful time with your daughter and grandson! And I really hope you can some and see Jill and Adrian and we can meet!


  2. Many thanks for both the flash mobs. I enjoy them so much, for the response of the bystanders, for the way in which people apparently just going about their business in town suddeny turn into a choir, and, most of all, for the way that in a time when pop music seems to be so dominant, classical music can have such an enormous impact! My favourites are Ravel’s Bolero in Central Station, Copenhagen, and the Hallelujah Chorus in a shopping mall/food court. The trouble is that there now seem to be so many Hallelujah Choruses in similar settings that I couldn’t find the one I first enjoyed!


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