Saturday 27 February

Today was the Snow Moon, the full moon in February. Apparently it was at its best at 3.17 this morning but I guess this evening won’t be too bad either. I do wish the clocks were changing tonight instead of in a month’s time. It was so sunny and bright today, just lovely. Being light at 7am is not as important as being light beyond 6pm.

I tried to find my original Robertson’s golliwog badge but failed, but found these instead,

So there you are: a member of Enid Blyton’s magazine club, a ban the bomb fan (worn on my school tie as a badge of protest), the Bundestag visit, when it was still located in Bonn, and a 1914 war service badge which must have belonged to a great uncle as neither of my grandfathers served in WW1, being dockyard workers in Portsmouth and therefore in a reserved occupation. Uncle Frank was definitely at the Somme and I think Mons, and we were told never to mention it.

There has been a flurry of interest in the Gold Lyre of Ur project, and I am feeling quite animated. It has been dormant for a while, with no prospect of live performance, but now we hope to break in to the Zoom market. Let’s see. I do feel that when live performance can resume, it will be like a lid off a boiling cauldron: there are so many ideas and so much frustration, it will be so fantastic to have a real production and a real audience.

I think it just has to be Vivaldi “Spring.”

Don’t be distracted by the lead violinist’s very attractive dress.

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