Monday 1 March

Happy St David’s Day! Or Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! It is the meteorological first day of spring I am reliably informed. And it did seem like it today. Sunny and bright but with quite a nip in the air from the east wind. This time last year we were about to go to Malta for a long weekend. As we arrived in Valletta, our temperatures were checked. We thought it slightly odd at the time, but little did we suspect how the next few weeks would unravel. We have not been out of the country since then.

Tomorrow I am going on a walk which involves going a short distance by train to reach the start. I went down to the station to buy my ticket, my daily exercise walk, in case you are wondering why I did not do it all online. When I got to the ticket office, the guy was sitting at the back of the room looking at his mobile. He came to the window, and first of all had to fire up the computer and the payment terminal. Clearly no one had been there for hours. Trains are leaving Coulsdon on a regular basis, 4 each hour from Coulsdon Town and Coulsdon South and at a guess, an average of 3 passengers on each one. This is totally unsustainable. How is public transport going to survive? People have been so terrorised into keeping their distance that they would sooner jump into their car, or not go anywhere at all.

I have been wondering why I have achieved less in this third lockdown and I have to conclude that it is because I have no sense of urgency but a great sense of procrastination. I went out into the garden this afternoon with a cup of tea, full of good intentions, but just sat on the bench, looked at the trees and listened to the birds, for about half an hour. And in the house, where does the time go? I spend a lot of time reading, writing emails, making phone calls……..the time drifts past. Much the same for everyone no doubt, but will we ever regain our get up and go? I hear of more and more children who are school refusers. They just simply do not want to return to school. We are storing up many problems here.

In honour of St David’s Day: David of the White Rock played on the harp by Mark Harmer: I had the pleasure of attending this concert where Mark performed, very beautiful.

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