Sunday 28 February

And another planned mini break bites the dust. A fishing expedition carried over from November to March. Predictable of course, but I feel I am totally hedged about with rules and regulations, and as a Brazilian variant of the virus appears, there seems to be no end in sight. The number of cases in Croydon at the moment is 77 per 100,000. The national average is 87. This is cases, not hospitalisations or deaths. Numbers will probably rise when the schools return. Are we looking for immortality? Is no one ever allowed to be sick again? Well no, you can die of undiagnosed and untreated cancer or heart disease. Or commit suicide because you cannot take any more. Depressed, cynical, moi? Never been known. But I am not planning any more holidays or expeditions ever.

We had a little excursion to north London, to meet in a park we had never visited before. Northala Fields. It has some very curious mounds, which even from a distance we could see people walking around. It also has a very fine adventure playground and some fishing lakes where there were lots of guys enjoying a day’s angling but no evidence of fish. Probably the crowds of visitors tramping past did not help.

No it is not a primitive earthwork, but 4 man-made mounds, or spoil heaps grassed over, created in 2008 from the rubble of the demolished Wembley Stadium towers. Quite a creative bit of recycling. I walked to the top of one, from where I took this photo, and it affords a good view over London and a little very rural-looking church in Northolt. An additional advantage of the mounds is that they eliminate a great deal of the traffic noise from the A40. Adam enjoyed the rather more creative playground. The cafe was open for take-away coffees too, always a bonus. Simple pleasures eh? My American fan wrote about a recent shopping expedition and lunch with a friend in a cafe, and how it raised her spirits no end. I can fully appreciate that: those were the days….

As we drove back from Ealing, we had a spectacular view of the Snow Moon. It was absolutely massive, and initially golden as in this picture. I find these kind of phenomena fascinating. This is of course an internet picture, not mine. But it was as dramatic as this.

Here's when you can catch the 'Snow Moon' this weekend

I heard this piece as we were driving back, and it reminded me of sunny evenings in Spain: forgivable nostalgia?

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