Thursday 4 March

It has been a day of grinding domesticity really, tedious but true. But so life goes on: dust accumulates, the cat sheds fur, the washing machine runs, the ironing piles up…… cannot go on exciting country walks every day of the week, much as I would like to. And I have to say, whatever happened to “stay local?” I see people racing off in all directions nowadays and raising the proverbial two fingers to the road signs which shout at us. Periodically I look at the number of Covid cases in this area. It is currently 55 per 100,000, which is 0.055%. Cases, not hospitalisations or deaths. Food for thought I would say.

The flowering cherry is just coming into bloom, and there are some little flowers in the border just under the hedge. I planted a motley collection of snowdrops, tete a tete, primroses and although hard to see here, they are all doing something useful.

Everyone has been turning out the attic and finding old photos, toys, books, badges and the like. This is a great one: the date is there for all to see. Three students of German, I am the one in glasses (when did I get contact lenses, I thought about then?). Hilary and I hitchhiked (don’t tell the children) across Germany to Salzburg to visit Alan who was studying there. We paid a visit to the salt mines in Hallein. At one point you hurtle down a wooden slide, great fun. The kit we are wearing looks as though it could be good Covid protection.

My attention has been drawn to the music for two lutes written by John Johnson (1579-94). It would appear he died tragically young. This pavane and galliard is very charming.

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