Wednesday 3 March

I had a long day in the open air and was too tired to write the blog last night. I also wanted to watch Ben Fogle “Inside Chernobyl.” I like him as a presenter, and the pictures and story emerging were quite remarkable.

Rod and I went to Ashburnham Place, for a final session before the end of the coarse fishing season in the middle of March. It is a very beautiful and relaxing place, and has this time remained open to the public and the little cafe has managed a small take away operation. Regretfully no cheese scones at the moment. They are running with a skeleton staff, like most places. The gardens had some lovely camellias

and I went for a walk around all three lakes, which were designed by Capability Brown and so it is pretty at any time of year. It was a bit grey and overcast, and drizzly in the middle of the day, but Rod and I are head to toe in waterproof clothing so it is not really an issue. I do get chilly if I am still for too long, but I walked for 6 miles so that kept the circulation going. I have been told that every day you should stop and look at something “with awe” however trivial it may seem. I am beginning to feel this is very important and today it was moss growing on a twisted tree trunk.

The grounds were full of primroses and snowdrops, with daffodils beginning to make an appearance.

The drive back was quite a challenge as it was very foggy as well as dark. For once the driving was not as crazy as it often seems to be during lockdown, but there is little reduction in the amount of traffic. I suppose if everyone is too frightened to use public transport, then they will jump in their car for any journey.

It seemed appropriate to play a Chopin Nocturne.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 3 March

  1. Jenny, our daughter and 13 year old grandson have been here for the last week. We, too, were out enjoying the natural world on Wednesday. We visited two nearby waterfalls in NC, Whitewater which I believe is the highest falls east of the Mississippi River, and Dry Falls, which is one that you can walk under, remaining dry other than from mist. We were blessed with a beautiful day and had two food stops, lunch on a patio and ice cream cones on a courtyard.


    1. I have looked up the Whitewater Falls and at 811feet they are the highest falls east of the Rockies. There is also a great 360 degree video on YouTube showing what they are like.


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