Saturday 6 March

The brighter days seem to turn our attention to the outside, to the garden and the exterior of the house. Our trip today was to B and Q, to buy black Sandtex masonry paint, and a few odds and ends for the garden. There was a north east wind blowing, so it was a chilly day. One benefit from a face mask is that keeps you a shade warmer. Crossing the car park at least. I remove mine at the first opportunity, as it makes me cough, which draws unwarranted attention.

Back home I tackled the black rendering beneath the bay window. As with all painting projects, it is the preparation which is time consuming and rather tedious. I scraped and brushed, and fought back the choisya which grows close to the wall. But it emits a wonderful smell when touched, so not all bad. I finally got the pleasure of slapping on the black treacle-like masonry paint. It was a rather backbreaking task but it looks rather good now it is done. As with many tasks, I began to wonder why I had not done it sooner: not a lot of effort to make it look a lot smarter. I also did some work in the garden and am wondering if the bonfire is dry enough to burn.

I watched Sue Calman in Devon and Cornwall: there is no shortage of travel programmes at present. She went to Tintagel castle which is where I am meant to go to this summer, but I wonder if I will? I read today that for all the hype about it is OK to book a summer holiday, only four fifths of us actually have done so. Many bookings are of course carried over from last year, but booking a new one? Not so sure. I also watched Michael Palin in Bhutan. He is a very agreeable presenter and his rather whimsical attitude appeals to me. I am sure I will never go to Bhutan but it looks a fascinating place. The backdrop of the Himalayas alone is magnificent.

Nephew Tim has made his own version of this song, but I don’t seem to be able to upload it, so I offer you the original version. I think it’s very entertaining.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 6 March

    1. Yes I watched the coverage of his visit, no mention. Very slack. And being the birthplace of Abraham is very dubious but it fitted the dialogue.


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