Sunday 7 March

I asked Rod if he would trim my fringe today as I am not good with scissors and a mirror. Yes of course, how much, an inch? An inch? I might as well be scalped. A quarter might do nicely. Anyway, done deal, and much better. I know many men have bought their own hair cutting equipment, mostly with great success, and so I wonder how many will return to the barber’s? It’s just that it’s a great source of chit chat and gossip. Which we all miss.

I did my exercise class this morning and I have to admit I was a bit creaky after all the painting yesterday. Too much bending, kneeling, stretching. However I had to finish off today, so back out there in a very cool easterly wind. I have decided I should do half an hour’s weeding every day. So out there today to establish a routine. On the vegetable patch I am contending with miniature sycamore seedlings. There is a sycamore tree at the edge of the golf course, just beyond our garden, and it very graciously cascades the seeds on to the vegetable patch.

These dear little things with two single green leaves. Then I thought, it is coming to something when I am photographing the weeds on my veg patch. Hey ho, lockdown boredom.

Schools reopen tomorrow, yay. Little friend Yannis cannot wait to see his friends. He has not been in school since 16 December. For a nine year old that is a very long time. His mum has had to buy a whole new set of uniform. I read today that we are in danger of creating a Generation Fear. Many youngsters have been drilled to believe that everything is dangerous: many children will be too frightened to return to school tomorrow. So very sad. I do hope that the few weeks before the Easter holiday will reassure them that it will be OK to return.

I think this is such an amazing piece of music. I love piano pieces, and I love orchestral music so a piano concerto is the perfect synthesis, and Rachmaninov is obviously the superstar.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 7 March

  1. Jenny, I should be outdoors, trimming and weeding as the weather is quite glorious here today. Instead, I have spent most of the day with either a book or a computer. Jill and I recently read ABSALOM, ABSALOM!, which resulted for me in an extended session of reading Faulkner and about him. First was THE UNVANQUISHED, which is a series of around 7 short stories, edited to produce a rather humorous novel. Next was a critical book, commenting on Faulkner’s life, education and cultural influences combined with explanations of his writings and the “real world” at the time he was writing. More or less an academic work, but written for the layman. Truly excellent.

    Oh my, when I started this comment, I intended simply to mention to you that my grandson begins in-person school tomorrow for the first time in about a year. I don’t think he is at all anxious about it, just looking forward to the social aspects it will provide. Unfortunately, only 30% of students have elected in-person classes, which means his largest class will probably be 10 students. I hope he isn’t too disappointed.

    Another comment relevant to yesterday’s blog: I had my hair truly cut short this past week for the first time in 14 months. It’s a bit too short but feels marvelous!


    1. Hi Janice, thank you so much for the extensive update! Good news about the haircut not so good about your grandson’s absence from school. I hope he i able to see some friends and feel it is worth the effort of attending in person. It’s great that you and Jill are able to compare experiences of Faulkner, you are a book club of two!


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