Monday 8 March

The schools reopened but there did not appear to be an air of massive excitement. Three and a half weeks and then it is the Easter holidays. All deliberate of course, to provide a fire break if there should be new infections. It all seems to be moving desperately slowly to me. I have been told that my aquafit class will not resume till 17 May. Indoor swimming pools can reopen on 12 April, but Trinity School has decided only to reopen to 18 year olds and younger till the middle of May: regretfully none of the aquafit swimmers come into this youthful category.

I did my online Pilates class. It is of course amazing that I can participate in a class at all, but I am getting a bit Zoomed out. I would actually like to trot off to the church hall, have a natter with the other ladies, do my class and walk home again, feeling a greater sense of achievement than exercising in front of my laptop.

Today’s entertainment was an article about strange baby names. Some of you may have followed this, it has been on Twitter and in the newspapers. For those of you who may have missed this thrilling news: the von Halle family announce the birth of their third child, a daughter to be called Triptych Alabama Bliss. Her two older brothers are called Dionysus Cosmo Chaos and Hieronymus Vladimir Azax. Poor things. When they get to school, they’ll be called Titch, Dino and Ronnie. I am also amused by the odd names of cars: Mokka is one ( and they’re not all coffee-coloured) and Duster is another. This is very amusing in German as düster (with an Umlaut which is a bit critical, but hey) means gloomy.

I made an appointment at the optician’s today, rather long overdue but it was not at the top of my list of priorities. Apparently I have to wear a mask throughout and I suppose the optician will be head to toe in plastic. However, I do suggest they proof read their email communications, as it does not inspire confidence:

Thank you for booking you appointment.

This piece of music always reminds me of school piano lessons. There were small rooms used for individual lessons but they were adjacent to normal classrooms and you could hear the pupils stuttering their way through Fur Elise. I also learned it but I did not have my lessons in school so the audience was spared.

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