Tuesday 9 March

For some reason I looked closely at the tube of toothpaste: not suitable for children under seven. I wondered why, perhaps because it contains fluoride? Then I saw, made in China. Now can’t we even make Colgate toothpaste in the UK nowadays? World domination by virus and toothpaste, dear me.

The news is dominated by the trials and tribulations of a 36 year old man who marries a Hollywood actress, and falls out with his family. I have to say that there were large sections of the newspaper which I did not read today. But that is increasingly the case with other topics too. Perhaps I should no longer have a subscription and just buy the occasional paper.

We have filled in our census form, all online this time of course. It says it takes about 10 minutes per person. I beg to differ, but then I suppose it depends if you think about the answers or whether you just keep ticking boxes as fast as you can. Contentious questions (for some) about sexuality and ethnicity. It apparently takes about 5 years to prepare the next set of census forms. Lot of head scratching in committee I suppose.

Wonderful weather today, so a long walk in the Oaks Park, along with many dog walkers and children coming out of school. It was really warm in the sun, and the cafe was open, so we got a cup of tea and sat enjoying the sunshine, and watched the world go by. It was very relaxing and almost soporific. Signs of summer? I hope so.

I thought I would like to see one of Victoria Wood’s wonderful songs: I love this one.

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