Wednesday 10 March

Today could not have been a greater contrast in weather conditions. It was rainy, windy and very cold. However, I had booked a parking place at Standen NT property so we had to go! There were probably more volunteers and employees than visitors. Still always nice to get a cup of coffee and chat to the girls who have almost no-one to serve. There were not as many flowers in bloom as I had hoped, but some daffodils were making an appearance:

and bearing in mind that I should be in awe of something every day, I am in awe of the amazing tree trunks around this garden. There were still some lovely camellias in bloom and I thought this one was very unusual:

There were three visitor cars in the car park as we left. We were told that numbers had dropped away a bit since the children returned to school, but the weather had a lot to do with it I am sure.

Having got severely chilled, we stopped for a take away sausage and chips, and although it is not a frequent lunch for me and I am conscious of the massive calorific intake, I really enjoyed it. Funnily enough I walked past our local pub recently and saw the photos of burger and chips and thought, I could really murder a plate of chips and a pint of beer. Not a typical activity of mine, but I guess it’s the thought of forbidden fruits.

I admit to getting home to the warmth, sitting down to read the paper, and having a little snooze. Not that there is much of riveting importance in the news: I think HM is quite right to say the current brouhaha is a private family matter and they will deal with it. What I feel is more significant is that it is now a year since we realised that this corona virus was a serious matter. I still sometimes think that I will wake up and everything will be exactly how it was. How naive is that.

One of Adam’s favourite nursery rhymes is Old MacDonald: I hope you might like this very clever version:

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 10 March

  1. We fully concur with you comment on news, as it is primarily depressing, with seldom anything positive. I read the Weekly Guardian, which at least has some more cheerful parts. Gabi read recently that being bombarded with doom and gloom can lead to dementia as you absorb it all without being able to do anything about it – we react to news physically without being able to use up the hormones ( unless we read the paper and then go for a run, donate to charity yet again, write a letter to the editor, or to the German health minister Jens Spahn – and a fat lot of good that will do).
    The late media guru Neil Postman spoke of News as Entertainment and Entertainment as News 30 years ago. ‘Twould be interesting to hear his opinion on news in the pandemic.
    Love etc


    1. Hi Alan. thank you for such a long response. Scary that the bad news has such an awful effect although I think one could suspect that. I think that is why I need so much fresh air to drive out the spooky thoughts.


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