Thursday 11 March

The weather was different again: what is it said about March? In like a lion, out like a lamb? The gusting wind woke me up during the night, and today continued apace. It was sunny and showery, more like April really, but the wind was ferocious and nearly blew me over on my daily walk. My phone says I completed 4.5 miles, so not bad going in inclement conditions.

Like many people, my sister and I have been having a grand turn out, and we have found dolls which we owned many years ago. I decided I would wash the clothes which had the dust of ages on them, and we hope to offer some of the toys to a toy museum.

My nice little line of washing. I think charity shops will face a bonanza when they reopen. I know so many people who have bags of stuff set to one side “ready to go.”

TV seems to be full of repeats at the moment. We watched the programme about the factory production of Cornish pasties, Ginsters. I have to say, that the end product did not look at all appetising and not remotely like an authentic Cornish pasty. Puff pastry? No. Finely minced beef, no it has to be chunky. Lots of mustard, pepper…….perhaps when it is added in industrial quantities it looks particularly unpleasant. I think Ann’s pasties, made in her bakery at the Lizard, are utterly unbeatable.

And finally……………………a great piece played by my friend Ismael Ledesma: El vagabundo. Such complicated rhythms, just perfect.

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