Friday 12 March

First of all I did my exercise class, which ends with 5 minutes relaxation. Today the cat decided that lying down on the floor in the sunshine was also very relaxing, so stretched out full length and purred in my ear. Which is all very affectionate and delightful but not in fact terribly restful. Anyway, sufficiently energised, I faced Aldi. I was very intrigued by the customer ahead of me, who put single items on the belt, each separated with a stop bar. I could not work out what he was doing, but it turned out that he was buying multiples, so he would put one tin of sardines there, and tell the checkout man he had 10. And so on. When it was my turn, I commented that it seemed a vey curious procedure, and the checkout guy said, yes, it would actually be quicker to check everything through. So I said, I bet you see some odd behaviour here. He rolled his eyes: “I’ve been working here for 6 years, and I’ve seen it all. You would not believe…..”

Adam has arrived and today received his final Christmas present, which is a toy gardening set. Every plant has been watered or sprayed, earth has been shovelled on to the grass, the truck has been up and down to the bonfire with some leaves: child labour is not yet extinct. But that is the big advantage of our garden: children can rampage around it, kick balls, dig holes, ride scooters. We are very fortunate, and no, I do not intend to sell off the bottom half, despite the myriad offers we receive from developers.

I watched a programme by Kate Humble, walking the Suffolk coast. It has a very lovely coastline: I have been to Southwold but not to many other places. Rather tempting to book up a cottage and go there, but I am still a bit hesitant. Despite all the blandishments of travel companies, I am not totally convinced that the government will stick to its schedule, and I think I do not want yet more disappointment.

I heard part of this today. I think I like the cello best of all the stringed instruments. It is allegedly closest to the register of the human voice. And Vivaldi is always agreeable.

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