Saturday 13 March

An energetic start to the day, being up betimes with grandson Adam. We have done puzzles, read books, played with toys, and have had breakfast, got dressed and are kicking a ball round the garden before 9am. For a change of scenery we went to the recreation ground, where puddle jumping was the order of the day. Who was more tired by lunchtime, Adam or the grandparents?

There has been a great deal of comment on the Harry and Meghan interview, and I feel a lot of consolidating around the inept moment to choose. The nearly 100 year old Prince Philip in hospital, the 94 year old queen trying to keep the show on the road, the nation suffering untold restrictions in a pandemic, while they live the life of Riley in a 16 room mansion in California. It does not exactly make your heart bleed.

There was a programme about the Lake District tonight, and I have to admit that I have rarely been there, although it is so spectacularly beautiful, I would love to see more. I think what is a little off-putting is that it always seems to be raining. Bit like Wales: wet and windy. But now is the time to think about a UK holiday: going abroad looks tricky still.

I heard an extract of this today, the inimitable Rhapsody in Blue.

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