Monday 15 March

Beware the Ides of March. Unlucky for Julius Caesar but hopefully not for the rest of us.

For some curious reason I seem to have spent a lot of time on the phone today. First up was a medication review. It actually seems quite sensible not to trail down to the surgery to answer a few questions when I can have the same conversation from the comfort of my own home. One question which seemed different from the last time I was asked, related to consumption of alcohol. I was asked if I drank more than 3 units per day, and I am sure last time it was 2, allegedly the limit for women, 3 being for men. Perhaps it has been perceived as being discriminatory. I should maybe add that I was asked many questions: I am not being treated for dependency!

Rod had to go into London for a medical appointment, and he was so excited about his Grand Day Out. Going on a train, and the tube, buying a coffee at Pret a Manger! This is the high life. There seem to be an increasing number of people using the train: I think there is a gradual return to the office environment. Covid cases in London are remarkably low, and vaccination high, so confidence is definitely returning.

The weather was very changeable, more like April showers. I got out for a short walk, and admired the spring flowers and the blossom trees.

Thank you for the comments on the correct way to hang a toilet roll. So droll to see what sparks the most interest. Thank you too to those who have written to me about the choice of music, always fascinating to know what hits the spot. Today’s piece is something new for me but comes with a recommendation. I have listened to it whilst writing tonight and have enjoyed it a lot: the viola is not a very high profile instrument, which is a shame as it has a pleasantly mellow tone I feel.

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