Thursday 18 March

Today was one of those days where a large amount of nothingness loomed. The weather was gloomy and damp, no incentive to go in the garden. So I wrapped up 3 birthday presents, and got two of them ready to go to the post. In so doing, I managed to turn out a couple of drawers. I imagine that when charity shops reopen, they will be inundated with bags of stuff which everyone has been squirreling away.

I went down to the post office in Coulsdon before the schools came out. It is remarkably quiet now that the children are back. But as I walked home, I overtook a mother with two children in tow, the older one about 5 years old and the younger about 2. They were both on scooters. Something happened which crossed the younger one, and boy did she have a meltdown. Yelling, screaming, and the older one looked on bemused, very much the goodie-two-shoes. I had to smile: I’m sure everyone has similar memories of when it happened in Sainsbury’s, and everyone in the store glares at you as if you were strangling the infant. “No, no, it’s just the terrible two’s.”

On the way back I called on one of our neighbours. He is having to run the house, as his wife has sadly developed dementia during lockdown. He was only too glad to stand on the doorstep and have a natter. The restrictions are so desperately harsh for people like that. Everyone chafes under the limits of course, but not to have support from family who live too far away to drop round, is very difficult. I must call more often.

I have made several long phone calls today too. It somehow seems profligate to swing on the end of a phone for a long while, but then I think, in the “old days” I would have gone round for a coffee, or out to lunch, for the same reason, to have a chinwag. My blog follower in America seems to like this word: perhaps it is not known in the USA.

I heard this today and thought about film music. This dates from the Disney film “Fantasia” in 1940. I think it was the beginning of the realisation that the music was an intrinsic part of the film, not just the diddle-diddle of the silent movies. Since then of course there have been many truly amazing film scores. Maybe you would like to nominate some favourite ones?

2 thoughts on “Thursday 18 March

  1. I thought of Fantasia the other day when you said the conductor looked like a magician using a magic wand. Fantasia frightened me terribly as a child. All those mops and buckets of water causing the basement (?) to flood!

    I do have a few movie scores that I particularly like, Star Wars and ET among them. Lara’s Song from Dr. Zhivago, Tara’s Theme from Gone With the Wind, and the theme from A Man and a Woman.


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