Monday 22 March

I have been looking at my diary for this time last year, and we already realised that something serious was about to happen. I went to call on Emma and we stood outside her house at 2m distance. We could see on the news programmes that the situation in Italy was looking dire, and on the Monday evening Boris Johnson made the lockdown announcement. It is not precisely a year ago, as it was on 23 March, but I am sure none of us believed that the crisis could last this long. I had a long conversation with my German (schooldays) penfriend today. She has no idea when she may be vaccinated, and the day-to-day situation seems very chaotic. One of the less well-received ideas was that you had to telephone a shop in advance and book an appointment time. Macron is in trouble in France for drawing up a list of 15 criteria for leaving the house, to be entered on the “attestation” form. I was entertained this time last year by reading nephew Tim’s blog from Corsica, where he ended up being trapped for far longer than anticipated. It did wonders for his acquisition of French though.

Something a bit more jolly: photos from yesterday’s farmers’ market.

The thoroughly modern child drinking his babyccino. The stalls were all too tempting..

It was unbelievably sunny and mild today. At one point the thermometer on the car said 17C. I managed to get out in the garden to do a few useful things, including lighting the bonfire, but it was all too tempting to sit in the sun and drink a cup of tea. A little more light and warmth and it will be sitting outside with a glass of cool white wine.

I find the music or Erik Satie very relaxing, the pictures on this recording are evocative too. Just listen to a little of Gymnopedie 1 to get a feel for it.

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