Thursday 25 March

I read yesterday that in the last 365 days, 195 have been in lockdown. And in London we have had fierce tier levels in addition. Seems hard to believe. If you had told me this a couple of years ago, I think I would have dismissed it as science fiction. I heard Angela Merkel as she emerged from a meeting: she said, “Ich bitte um Verzeihung.” ( I ask for forgiveness.) I think it was relating to the total lockdown over Easter, in connection with the rising number of cases and vaccine shortages. Not often you hear feisty politicians express such sentiments. Strange times.

I have been thinking about lockdown challenges which I have not completed. I only got to p74 of La Peste in the original French. I like to think I was not so much challenged by the language as by the content, which seemed too depressing in the circumstances. I have not done daily piano practice, I have not redecorated the small toilet room, I have not spent as much time in the garden as I thought. Mea culpa. So where has the time gone? Probably whatever I do, I do more slowly, simply because I can. Does that mean I have become lazy? Maybe. I write many emails, letters, and make phone calls, as I feel keeping in touch with friends and family is very important. I have had fun spending more time with Adam than perhaps I would otherwise have done. But as lockdown eases slightly and we begin to make plans, I think the moral of the story is carpe diem. Do what you can, when you can. No procrastination.

Do look at my comments column: there is a very detailed description of the origin of the word curfew. I am so grateful for feedback, it convinces me that I am not writing into the void!

I heard this today: such a remarkable piece, remembering that Evelyn Glennie is profoundly deaf.

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