Friday 26 March

It seems that April showers are reaching us slightly early. There have been hailstorms, sunshine, slight showers, more sun….all good for the garden no doubt. Growing season. I think we are all going to have to focus more on our gardens, planning a holiday, especially abroad, is going to be increasingly difficult. Risking a £5000 fine is not going to be much fun. On the other hand, I am bit challenged as to why it should be so difficult to leave the country, I would have thought that returning would be infinitely more difficult. Well I suppose it is, with quarantine and testing.

I watched a programme about Kenya tonight. It was partly in Nairobi, including Kibera, which is allegedly the largest sub Saharan slum area. Over a million people live there in very basic conditions. Nevertheless some amazing projects take place there, including making music, and artistic enterprise. But it is the countryside which remains the main attraction. They filmed in Lewa Conservancy which I do not know, but I have visited Meru national Park and Nakuru national park and they are just spectacular reserves of wildlife. Flamingos on Lake Nakuru, zebra, giraffe absolutely everywhere. I have been to Kenya four times now, firstly as a tourist, the subsequent times as a volunteer English teacher in a rural community near Naivasha. Seeing this programme made me feel quite “homesick.”

I invited 3 members of the group Kenge Kenge to come to the school where I was working. They were massively popular. They promote traditional music on traditional instruments. I commend to you my dear friends Kenge Kenge.

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