Saturday 27 March

A wonderfully sunny day but pretty breezy. However, as a change from house and garden, I decided that a longer walk would be a good idea. I know that most people have said that during lockdown they have gained a greater appreciation of nature, and although it is now beginning to sound a rather hackneyed statement, nevertheless I feel it is true. I looked at the hedgerows where hawthorn is coming into flower, the ornamental cherry trees which seem to be everywhere, a huge proliferation of daffodils still going strong. As is said in German: es grünt, es grünt. (It greens: I think it is spectacularly graphic and we do not have the precise equivalent, or not as concise. Everything is bursting into bloom?)

And this is today’s ho ho, which has been forwarded to me:

The moral of the story always being, employ a proofreader. And don’t get me started on the use of the apostrophe. It’s a hard life being a pedant.

Adam’s nursery has asked that the children wear something resembling an Easter hat. I suggested attaching some rabbit’s ears and a few decorations to an existing hat in order to make life simple. This has been done, but has not been well received, and I am not convinced will make it to the Easter bonnet parade.

I am late posting today’s blog because we started watching Dr Zhivago. Wow, what a truly epic film that was. I saw it when it was first released, but had forgotten many of the scenes. David Lean’s epics were stunning, it has to be said. Of course I now have Lara’s theme as an earworm, so allow me to inflict it on you: it is up there with the greats of film music.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 27 March

  1. Gorgeous! I’m inspired to watch Dr. Z again. Have you read A Gentleman in Moscow? I visualized Omar Sharif as the Count while was reading it . . .actually still do!


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