Sunday 28 March

The clocks have changed and so we can now look forward to sunnier longer evenings, I am so delighted. It is also better that the mornings are a bit darker, it may mean that the sunrise and twittering birds do not wake me quite so early. I think spring is my favourite season, perhaps because my birthday is in the springtime, but also because it seems to offer so much to look forward to.

Another day for a countryside walk. Palm Sunday, and on my walk I even found a church open, with palm crosses. I also saw a postbox with an Easter bonnet

which I thought was hilarious. I also saw some wild swimmers, I cannot say where otherwise it would not be so wild, but I have to admit to not being tempted to join them. They swim frequently and are clearly acclimatised to 9C in the water. No wetsuits.

I watched the second half of Dr Zhivago, what a star studded cast. Like many Russian stories it seemed pretty convoluted at times, and being 3 hours long, you needed to keep focused. I did not remember much of it, I have to admit, but since I probably watched it when it was first released, this is scarcely surprising.

I thought something speedy might be good after yesterday’s languorous Lara’s theme. Here is Lang Lang breaking the world speed record in Chopin’s minute waltz.

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