Tuesday 30 March

Another scorcher, up to 22C today. So strange, as by the weekend it will be back to the more normal 10C. Always the case when it’s a public holiday. But it was lovely to be out in the garden today. I have even had to do some watering, as despite all the winter rain, many things are getting very dried out. Many people seem to be employing tree surgeons, perhaps they fear that the old oak tree will collapse soon and in lockdown they have had plenty of time to contemplate this possibility. I don’t like the term “tree surgeon,” lopping sounds like amputation, it seems very drastic stuff. But I think the tree surgeons may also feel this. Today I saw “Expertrees” and “The Tree Wise Men.” Humour is always commendable.

I visited the optician today, for the first time since lockdown began. All the usual drill of sanitiser and mask, but they said that most people had kept their appointments. My short sight is of course improving with age, there must be a few compensations, but my near sight is weaker, especially by artificial light, but nothing that a cheap pair of reading glasses can’t cope with. (I made a typo there and wrote reading lasses, which I am sure many men would find a very attractive alternative.)

I went on a raid to M and S in Banstead, to buy some Easter goodies which are not all chocolate based. They have some very nice hot cross buns, and rabbit shaped crumpets, if I am permitted a modicum of advertisement. Banstead is a rather classy suburb, with some very individual shops. Today it was quiet, because only the food stores and DIY shops are open. Little dress shops, jewellers, charity shops, lighting specialists, restaurants………..all closed. I wonder how many will reopen?

Some of you have been kind enough to say that you will miss my blog when lockdown ends and with it the raison d’etre of this current scribble. Also a sneaking admiration for the ability to write for 365 days about nothing in particular. I am very grateful for any feedback, your response gives me something to write about! Also a wonderful feeling that there are people out there, which at the height of lockdown was sometimes hard to believe: it seemed too much like the Dads’ Army slogan, “we’re all doomed!”

Craig Ogden is a very talented Australian classical guitarist: nephew Tim, also a classical guitarist, pointed him out to me before he became so very famous. I heard this today: Cavatina. It is apparently the theme music for the film “The Deer Hunter.”

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